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Serving Knightdale and the greater Raleigh area since 1968.

Common Automotive Brake Fluids Can Adsorb Water

Brake fluid plays a vital role in ensuring that a vehicle is able to stop when its brakes are applied. In effect, brake fluids are designed to transfer various degrees of force under pressure from a master cylinder to the vehicle's wheel cylinders and its calipers....

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How Does Anti-Freeze Do Its Job?

If you have ever started your car in the dead of winter or driven during the hottest months of summer without any cooling problems can thank anti-freeze. This amazing chemical compound effectively reduces the freezing point of water. This is good news for your car's...

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Requirements For NC State Vehicle Safety Inspections

Most states today require that a vehicle pass a vehicle inspection. In fact, most states will require this type of inspection prior to allowing a car to be registered. Passing this kind of inspection can be quite simple assuming that you follow a few simple guidelines...

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Re-usable auto air filters can save you money

Purchasing a reusable automobile air filter can save you money, both at the pump and in the auto parts store. The higher quality and efficiency of a reusable filter also reduces wear and tear on your engine, resulting in fewer costly repairs and extending the useful...

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Amazing service. Blew my tire out on the highway and rode in on my spare. Everyone, there was knowledgeable and treated me like family. Got my tire replaced with no extra fees or pressure. In and out within an hour, and I was back on the highway. A truly pleasant experience. If you ever need service on your vehicle, get it here. Majestic O.

Always get the job done! By far one of the best places to take your car for any repairs. Staff is always friendly and prices are fair. I have been using these guys for over 10 years!! Take your car to Poole’s Garage!! You can thank me later! Tracey L.

Poole Garage has always been reliable and trustworthy when it comes to car inspections. They provide great customer service. You can tell by the way they communicate with you that they really care about the customers. They are the best! Lisa B.